Tender Pro Reef

Pro Reef

Fiber glass rib

  • High resistance fiberglass hull
  • Comfortable and secure interior
  • V-shaped hull for better stability and great maneuverability even in rough seas
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions and ensure maximum longevity
  • Very high-end product with excellent value for money


Classic rigid fiberglass tender available in Pvc or Hypalon

Pro Waves delivers your tender or engine all over Polynesia !

  • Delivery every where with six months of warranty
  • Delivery times for the society Islands including Tahiti (Papeete, Taina, Arue, Taravao) and Moorea less than 24 hours
  • Delivery times for Marquises Islands less than 24 hours on Hiva Hoa
  • Delivery times for Tuamotu Islands less than 48 hours
  • Variable delivery times in the Gambiers and the Austral Islands, possibility of air freight

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